Google: Little Kids Having Sex, Dancing Dirty & Grinding

Dec 2, 2009 • 8:10 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Yesterday, we highlighted a Google Suggest result for I Am Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People. Today, I spotted a new one via Google Web Search Help forums, where someone noticed that if you type in to Google, [little kids], Google then suggests the following results:

  • little kids having sexs
  • little kids dancing dirty
  • little kids grinding

Here is a screen shot:

Google Suggest for "little kids"

Jem from Google appreciated the report and said:

Thanks for reporting this to me -- I'll take a look.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: I am glad to see Google removed these suggestions soon after I wrote about them.

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No Name

12/03/2009 07:37 am

Really nice to bring this up. We are sure google will do the needful.


12/03/2009 03:50 pm

The cheezburger/failblog community have started a blog dedicated to google's (and others') auto-suggestion ...erm. failures.

diarmuid ryan

12/05/2009 08:38 pm

sigh..another sign of google's rapidly failing quality of are outgrowing and out-pacing themselves, it is becoming increasingly common for google products to be buggy, unreliable and worse again sometimes totally inaccessable for hours at a time


01/27/2011 03:20 am

isnt there a law against child porn!!?? why is it possible in the USA!!??? fucking so bizar this genaration... please God help us all... please!


05/05/2011 06:59 pm

fuck all u i perfer to watch 2 13 year olds fuckin then i go and finish what the lil boy couldent finish the titer the beter i all ways say even with 9 year olds u have to rap ur arms around them cuz they jump if the dick toooooooooo big 8--()


09/29/2011 05:32 pm

try searching "little kids" again. Variants show up.


11/25/2011 02:20 am

i no if my daughter did that i would make her get rid of those little b****s and **** her till she was one


05/06/2012 04:27 pm

I was on a research i typed: (in portuguese of course) men 25 of April. And I saw a guy showing his dick how horrible and even the girls were there staring for minutes but I tell you my dick is way bigger not because I am black because it is in my family blood.

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