Google Celebrates Anniversaries For Sesame Street, Wallace & Gromit & Many Others

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So when I visited, I saw Big Bird's legs. It is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street and Google made a Doodle for it. But then I noticed other Google properties not only sporting Sesame Street but also Doodles for other learning programs that are popular in those regions. We have Google logos for the 20th birthday of Wallace & Gromit, and these other regional characters: Abigal, Boombah Chamki, Ieniemienie, Abelardo Montoya and Kami.

Here are the logos:

Big Bird's Sesame Street found at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Google Doodle bigbird-hp

Wallace & Gromit found at,,,,,,,, and Google Doodle wallaceandgromit09

Ieniemienie' Sesame Street found at and Google Doodle ieniemienie-hp

Kami from Sesame Street found at Google Doodle kami-hp

Boombah Chamki from Sesame Street found at Google Doodle boombah_chamki-hp

Abelardo Montoya from Sesame Street found at Google Doodle abelardo_montoya-hp

Abigal (אביגיל) from Sesame Street found at Google Doodle abigail-hp

I don't think I missed any, but you can check yourself at the bottom of this page.

Happy 40th Sesame Street and 20th Wallace & Gromit!

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: The Google Blog just posted about the peanut butter and sandwiches. :)

November 5th a Cookie Monster logo:

Cookie Monster Google

November 6th, an Ernie & Bert logo:

Bert & Ernie Google

November 7th, Oscar the Grouch:

oscar google

November 8th, Elmo:

elmo google

November 9th, Count Von Count:

count von count google

November 10th, the official anniversary day, seems to be the collage and last logo:

Sesame Street Google Logo

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Louis St-Amour

11/04/2009 01:28 pm

Wow, great list, and fun to see. Thanks! (I wouldn't have known myself, in Canada, but I'd seen a tweet earlier about Wallace & Gromit from the UK, so it was fun to lookup other countries' logos. Intriguing country choices and colours, though they mostly seem taken from the characters themselves. I especially like the last logo, Google with chicken pox :p


11/04/2009 03:26 pm

Now they are exactly the sort of positive/happy/fun logos that we need :) I do not understand why people would prefer logos about wars...


11/04/2009 03:55 pm

I didn't know about the other logos. That's really cool, and seeing these just makes my day better. Long live Sesame Street :)


11/04/2009 06:03 pm

very cool - thanks for putting this list together. Go Sesame Street!


11/04/2009 09:15 pm has Cookie Monster


11/04/2009 09:27 pm

You forgot Cookie Monster! He's on a few, including and

stephen pitts

11/05/2009 03:50 am

I missed the Wallace & Gromit logo... it was replaced by Cookie Monster at


11/05/2009 03:52 am

the cookie monster RULES!!!!

Dave Ashworth

11/05/2009 09:37 am

Over in the UK we had the Wallace and Gromit logo yesterday (4th Nov) whilst today we have the Cookie Monster: Pleasent surprise as I was expecting something Guy Fawkes related being the 5th November.

larry kanyonga

11/05/2009 11:00 pm

I saw "Montoya" in .mx plaza pesameeeeeee!

Proud to be Pinoy

11/07/2009 10:06 am

Today's logo has Oscar the grouch. Here's a complete collection of cool <a href="">Google doodle with Sesame Street characters</a>. They're really cute! :D


11/08/2009 12:33 am

Sweet design!!!. One of the best ideas of Google


11/08/2009 10:42 pm

That's pretty cool. Proves just how big of a deal Sesame Street still is!

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