Why "SEO Experts" Get a Bad Rep from Newbies

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I follow tons and tons of threads on SEO, SEM, Google, etc. I have been doing this for just about six years. One thing I often see is that there are people who want quick answers to why they don't rank well or how they can become rich in days. When they don't get the answer they like, they rant on how unhelpful the "experts" in the field are.

A WebmasterWorld thread member, wheel, was very smart about his post. He initially posted a teaser saying, I built a site five years ago, did SEO for a month on it and it still ranks in the top ten for a competitive keyword with zero additional work. Of course, we all wanted to know how he did it and he strung us along. But that was part of his plan, his plan to get us listening so he can follow up and blast all us newbies. He said:

The secret is, there is no secret. There are two themes that run through this and all the other forums, for years. The first is, everyone's looking for the latest trick or secret to ranking. The second theme is all the experts (at least the ones that I read) tell us to forget the glitter and develop proper backlinks.

And people repeatedly don't like the answers from the experts - to forget the glitter and develop proper backlinks. We want a quick technical answer. We don't want to hear what basically means 'try working hard yourself'. The experts actually aren't holding back some big secret or the latest trick. They ARE telling you directly and specifically what to do. Hard work marketing your website is what gives high long term rankings, not some technical gimmick.

It is true - SEO, money, happiness, etc, doesn't come easy - it requires work. Wheel, did explain how he got the site and his other sites to succeed in the search results, but it wasn't over night and it took work. For more on how he did it, read the thread and get to work.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Elizabeth K. Barone

08/20/2009 02:01 pm

I frequently have a hard time explaining to people new to SEO that they aren't going to magically appear in the search engines overnight, and that it is going to take time before they hit the very first search page (never mind make the #1 spot)! Anyone who tells you any differently just wants to make a quick buck off of you. I'm heading over to check out that thread right now!


08/20/2009 07:05 pm

Thank you for your post. I paid a guy far to much for doing what I can do on my own. With my site revision launching next week, these articles will be very needed for bringing my business back. Just looks like a lot more work


08/22/2009 12:29 am

What many online business owners don't realize is that making an online business successful is not easy. Just like an offline business, it takes a large investment of time and money. It is difficult sometimes to explain to a client that improving rankings for a new Web site can take up to 6 months or longer. I believe having patience is an integral part of SEO success.

suzuki m109

01/28/2011 04:55 am

It is sometimes difficult to explain to a client that improve rankings for a new site can take up to six months or more. I think patience is a part of successful SEO.

SEO Services

02/25/2011 06:34 am

We keep facing this issue a lot of times - but we very patiently explain how SEO works around and the time it takes in achieving results. We prepare a detailed timelines, project plan, expected results, etc which we share before the start of the project itself.

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