Googler Complaining About Spammers

May 29, 2009 • 7:04 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

You rarely ever see a Googler complaining about spammers in public. That is why I found this Google Maps Help thread funny. A Googler, Joel, went off on a small rant, asking:

Question: Why do spammers post on the Help Forum asking for assistance?

It surprises me, really.

If you're posting - why isn't my listing showing, and your submitted listing title is something like Best Web Designer and SEO in the State of New Hampshire, you can bet it's been suspended for violating our policies.

In my history of covering SEM forum discussion, I cannot remember ever seeing a complaint like this come from a Googler or even a search representative at another search company.

How does this help you or I? It doesn't but I found this unique enough to post about.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

This story was pre-written and scheduled to go live on May 29th.

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Rob Abdul

06/01/2009 11:17 am

Spammers, they are the bane of our existence. They are the anti-matter in the universe.


06/02/2009 09:01 am

Spammers are complaining with the same arguments for dmoz. That kind of answer doesn't surprise me at all.

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