Poll: Do You Like the New Google AdWords Interface?

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A week ago, Google started to seriously push the new AdWords interface onto AdWords advertiser's screens. Many folks have already activated the new user interface, but not all are happy.

I was hoping to poll our audience to see if you like the new or old interface. Please take 10 seconds to complete the anonymous poll and I will post the results in the near future.

Search Engine Watch Forums moderator, Discovery, posted a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums asking if he can switch back to the old interface. His issue with the new user interface?

Today I needed to jump in and make a few quick changes, for whatever reason I didnt fire up AE and logged in instead. The wait between each screenload and for data to appear is painful. Same issue that Yahoo has.

Anyhow, I jumped back to the old interface and felt a warm sense of calm. made the quick changes in a few graceful strokes and clicks... ahhhh. Now I think I'm pretty much decided, I will likely never use the web interface once it has been changed and opt for AE as my primary tool.

Speed is the issue for this advertiser. Again, please take the poll above and ask your advertiser friends to take it as well.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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04/28/2009 12:39 pm

Well, if you are user who manages very less number of campaigns, adgroups,... the new one is cool. But for a user managing a large number of campaigns, the old one is way to go. Thats my personal experience.


04/28/2009 12:40 pm

Well I still voted for the new interface keeping my clients' feedback in mind.

Gareth O' Neill

04/28/2009 01:28 pm

The new UI is brilliant, everything is a lot easier to do with less clicks needed. With this new design there isn't really much need for adWords editor.

Bonnie Schwartz

04/28/2009 01:28 pm

Personally, I love the new interface! It is a little slow right now but the ability to pull search query reports at the KW level right in the interface, optimizing the content network, seeing graphs right in the interface are great improvements. The layout takes some getting use to for large campaigns but honestly Google did it again!

richard purvis

04/28/2009 01:32 pm

I'm so used to spending hours looking at the old one and the new one reminds me to much of yahoo and I hate that. I guess the beta doesn't help as it's a bit slower.


04/28/2009 01:48 pm

I wrote a short write-up about the new AdWords interface... While it offers more, it also takes longer. Perhaps it's just me, but all of Google's services now seem to lag horribly when working with them, the new AdWords interface is no different.

Chris Chatfield

04/28/2009 04:11 pm

I paste an AdWords report into a spreadsheet which automatically recalculates all my bids based on various criteria. I then copy and paste the new values one entire AdGroup at a time into the "Edit Keywords and Bids" page for each AdGroup. This feature is missing from the new interface so my updating will now takes a day at least instead of the 2 hours it takes now :-(


04/28/2009 09:24 pm

It took me a few tries to get going with the new interface. Google's "push" actually worked, and now that I've used it for a couple of weeks I think it is far superior.

David Rothwell

04/29/2009 09:48 am

It's somewhat better, and in line with AdWords Editor which I've been using for over 2 years now on a daily basis. I discovered yesterday I can set multiple campaigns to identical schedule settings - brilliant! This was previously a horrible task with the manual interface. But their sorting and filtering is still appalling, and I resort to Editor again for that (even though still not good enough there either). Also I posted some new paused campaigns, and these don't show up in the new interface *at all* until you activate them. So still a long way to go in my opinion, and still need to use the old version as well.

C. Francis

05/19/2009 06:34 pm

The new AdWords interface is a complete disaster. It's slow, more difficult to navigate, and more difficult to read. The new interface is so "unGoogle"...and in my opinion is a big step backwards. Google has been sucked into the prettier is better mentality. Too bad. Experienced professionals who work in Google hours a day are unlikely to enjoy the new interface.

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