Google Analytics Stores Data for 25 Months


A Google Analytics Help thread has confirmation from a Googler that your Analytics data will remain in your account for at least the past 25 months.

Anna from the Google Analytics team said, "data is stored for at least 25 months," when using Google Analytics.

After that, I guess you should export the data and save it locally. Is 25 months enough for you? Personally, I am not too sure. Here is a poll, let me know what you think:

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help.

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Oscar R

03/30/2009 01:33 pm

No, of course. When it's free it never enough. But if we have to pay, then some people might find it enough for them :)

KJ Rodgers

03/30/2009 03:37 pm

I agree with Oscar. Perhaps you can pay to have a longer time frame, but people can always save the information locally.


03/31/2009 02:46 am

Google stores loads of information. The two biggest data users are Analytic's and Search. I am sure they are using Analytics to better map out advertising mediums and increase adwords spending with more information so they are both monetized. However when a person doesn't have an AdWords account he can only use Google Analytics for up to 5 million page views daily. This said I feel that people with AdWords accounts should be able to keep the data forever,just like they are able to have unlimited page views


03/31/2009 11:43 am

"At least" 25 months. I've data since 2005 and they are still here. As it happened once with AdSense, if Google's about to deleted these data, they will warn us before.

No Name

03/31/2009 04:58 pm

I think 25 months data is anough but people wants to keep all information always so google have to provide alternative for this.

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