Did Microsoft's European adCenter Rep Boycott WebmasterWorld?

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It has now been a year since adCenterEU, the official Microsoft adCenter representative at WebmasterWorld, has posted at the forum. His last post can be found at a thread named Microsoft To Serve Ads On WSJ Digital Network where he said:

Thankyou pageoneresults!

Nice comments like that get us all fired up!




That was on January 29, 2008 at 12:12 pm (EST). Since then, not one peep from adCenterEU.

How about adCenterEU's US counterpart, adCenter411? Well, that representatives last post was on February 18, 2008 at 11:36 am in a thread named Is it posible to split test ads with adcenter.

So why aren't adCenter representatives still participating at WebmasterWorld? I know they have launched a major initiative to education at the adCenter Community, but should they ignore where they got their start? I hope not.

Forum discussion, well - it doesn't exist.

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01/29/2009 11:56 am

My Dear Barry! adCenterEU is very much alive, but as you say, we have been concentrating on the www.adcentercommunity.com site, our Facebook Page and our Twitter outreach - http://Twitter.com/adCenterBlog We love WMW! So much so we have adCenterRep - a collegue from our support team - who answers questions all the time. You and I had a long discussion at PubCon too, so we're always at different events to chat with SEOs and SEMs and thrash out the topics of the day. We have a very good relationship with Receptional and Engine and keep them abreast of new developments, so if anything we're doing more in the community than we have ever done. You have me on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MelCarson so feel free to reach out anytime you feel like we should get more involved in any particular discussion. Cheers Mel

Barry Schwartz

01/29/2009 01:29 pm

Good to hear Mel!

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