Summary of Multiple Google Docs Bugs Reports

Dec 24, 2008 • 8:59 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of bugs reported within Google Docs. Some of these have been fixed and others are still pending. Here's the lowdown of what we've found in the forums:

* A Google Employee says in a Google Groups thread that the bug that made folders visible on the left hand side of the Google Docs pane has been fixed.

* There's still an open bug (but Google is aware of it) with regards to some spreadsheets not being viewable. The error encountered is "Sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties and cannot show all of your documents." (Google Groups).

* Related to the report above, some users cannot see any of their documents with the same error. Google is also aware of this. (Google Groups)

* When Google Docs documents are being emailed, some senders choose to CC themselves to confirm receipt. However, Gmail automatically assumes that these are spam. The Google Docs team is aware of this as well. (Google Groups)

* Google is also aware that some people can only see the first 50 folders and they are working on a fix (Google Groups)

If you're affected by any of these issues, please go to the forum discussion referred to in the bullet point for more information and related discussion.

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12/29/2008 03:44 am

When you use Google Docs with Google Chrome suddenly you can not save your document then you need to open a new document,copy and paste your document and save this new document.

diarmuid ryan

12/29/2008 10:52 am

One would think Chrome would be least troublesome! One thing I would like to see is proper backup support, to lcoal storage, gears at least gets the data local...for the moment i have just been copying the raw files produced by gears..a crude but effective method..


03/31/2009 06:02 pm

Drawings in Google Docs will not follow the document if it is downloaded as pdf or doc

Matthew Schultz

07/22/2010 07:50 pm

There is a new bug in the google docs spreadsheet, when using the insert a gadget: google maps. It has just started July 20th 2010. When the map is inserted, the map box reads "loading settings," but this message never disappears and the map does not load and is not functional.

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