Google Tests Pagelinks, Reviews in SERPs, and Enhances Spelling Correction

Dec 16, 2008 • 7:28 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Danny Sullivan notes at Search Engine Land that there are a number of Google search engine enhancements that we may start to see very soon. They include reviews seen within the SERPs, pagelinks (a term he coined), and better spell correction and are illustrated below.

The Search Engine Land post explains these in detail, but I'll give you the background.

The image below indicates that you can now see more information about business listings, including reviews:

The next feature you may see is something that Danny calls pagelinks. Like sitelinks, popular portions of a web page are appropriately linked. You need to actually have internal anchor text within the page though to get this "Jump to" pagelink feature.

The final that Danny writes about is how Google is now to handle auto spellcheck. Instead of just showing "did you mean XXXX?", you get results for the correct spelling *and* the misspelled query as seen below:

Looks pretty impressive. It'll be most important for SEMs to start looking at how to work with reviews, but I think that pagelinks would also be important here too.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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12/17/2008 06:56 am

I like these new features - only the new "did you mean XXXX?" is a bit anoying. If I search for my site name they display 2 other results a different meaning in front of my result.

Glenn A

12/18/2008 04:00 am

I hope they never take away Did you Mean? I use it all the time when I sort of know how to spell a word. I offer my guess, if it's close enough the proper spelling appears. It can mislead you, but most of the time works like a charm.

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