Google Zeitgeist: Sarah Palin is Most Popular for 2008 on Google

Dec 11, 2008 • 10:45 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

We featured the popular searches for 2008 from Ask, Google Product Search, and Yahoo. But now, we get the official word on Google's front-facing search engine of the most popular terms. The 2008 Google Zeitgeist reveals the most popular terms:

1. sarah palin 2. beijing 2008 3. facebook login 4. tuenti 5. heath ledger 6. obama 7. nasza klasa 8. wer kennt wen 9. euro 2008 10. jonas brothers

The first thing that looked out of place was #3. I'm apparently not alone with that mindset. Why would so many people be searching for Facebook login?

In any event, here you go. These are Google's most popular searches.

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12/11/2008 09:29 pm

you mean Google's most popular searches after they wash out all the domain, porn, pills, and casino searches right?

Tamar Weinberg

12/12/2008 01:01 am

Simon, you really think the majority of the world is looking for viagra and porn? I mean, there are a lot of kids using the internet and they haven't really come to that level of awareness yet. (Or so I'd hope.) Either way, yes, I do believe it's filtered, but I don't think those terms would be in the top 10 regardless.

Barry Schwartz

12/12/2008 01:16 am

I think words like "sex" and porn related words would be in the top 10.

diarmuid ryan

12/12/2008 11:12 am

i am not suprised by facebook being a top search, looking over my own logs i often see that poeple type my web address into google instead of the browser address bar

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