Google Image Search October 2008 Update

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Google Image SearchA WebmasterWorld thread has users noticing changes over at Google Image Search. The changes may be a filter or may be a full-blown image index update, hard to tell at the moment.

The last Google Image update seemed to be an image filter update in September. But now, the update seems a bit more outside of the scope of what we would classify as a filter.

WebmasterWorld administrator, tedster, observed:

I started seeing some really wrong captions on some images, where the algo is pulling the caption from on-page anchor text. How can on-page anchor text be a candidate for naming for an image that is also on the page?

Senior member, zeus, who reported the image update has seen tons of images drop out of Google Image search, plus he has seen a possible hotlink image bug. The hotlink image bug happens when a third-party site links to a specific image and Google classifies that image from a a third-party domain.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld .

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12/04/2008 08:37 am

The liberals at google change the screen location and position of long-time familiar items for NO REASON. After almost 10 years google image search is still limited to a max of 20 results per screen. What century are these liberals living in.

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