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Today in China, residents are celebrating Teacher's Day. Consequently, Google has joined in by sporting a nice logo for the occasion.

On this side of the pond, though, there are no teacher's days to be seen. But that doesn't mean there are no festivities. Google has its own logo today for the Large Hadron Collider, which apparently is a particle accelerator complex that circulated its first beam today. (Yeah, if you didn't catch that, well, neither did I. However, Hitwise may help).

Here's the logo you'll find on today:

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09/10/2008 01:00 pm

Don't normally post spelling corrections, but your spelling of "Large Hadron Collider" may raise a few eyebrows and disappoint a few people who are looking for something else!

Tamar Weinberg

09/10/2008 01:11 pm

haha David, perhaps it was intentional? ;)


09/10/2008 05:25 pm

A pretty scary image! Prophetic, or just how The big G sees itself? What is the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything? ......Not 42, or dark matter, but Google, of course!

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