Google Maps Forgets to Blur Out License Plate, Hysteria Ensues

Sep 8, 2008 • 9:29 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Due to increasing privacy concerns with Google Maps, Google has decided to blur out all identifying information, including heads and license plates. For example, see the blurred head for an example of the measures Google is taking to protect the innocent.

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Apparently, though, forum members think that Google is infallible -- that they could never *possibly* mess up and forget to blur some content. In this case, someone (see URL on screenshot) found a "mistake" but didn't actually remember to link to the page for Google to fix it:

I actually did some searching and found a license plate that didn't seem to be blurred either.

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All in all, I don't consider this to be a big deal, but some forum members consider this a big mistake.

Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint Forums.

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09/09/2008 06:08 am

Maybe the parked the care overthere after the blurring had already been done ;-)


07/03/2011 07:40 am

My car is not blured either

David C Dean

05/10/2012 02:28 am

My license plate isn't blurred in real life, either. So what?


06/07/2012 01:45 pm



12/14/2012 07:01 pm

noooo its not done like that

Synthia Fagen

12/19/2012 10:59 pm

I know you made this post 7 months ago but, hey...good point.

No Blurr

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