Google Image Filter Being Too Sensitive Again?

Sep 3, 2008 • 8:47 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google just can't win. I beat up Google on showing pornography or inappropriate images in their image search engine or on web search way too often. We complained in December that Google Image Search was too sensitive and then Google seemed to have relaxed the filter in June. But then we saw more porn or images that would upset some people.

Now, I am seeing reports at WebmasterWorld that Google may have tightened the filter to be more sensitive again. The filter does not appear to be as strong as the December filter, but it is discussed that it is more strict that after the June changes.

This is a hard balance to find but it is something Google and other image search engines struggle with daily.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/03/2008 08:56 pm

Mr. Schwartz, very weird.... On the WMW thread, I am "shrike99". I have 3000 images indexed in Yahoo, but now only 239 in Google. Happened all on september 1st. About same thing for another of my site. Mr. Schwartz, Are you aware of other forums where this might be discussed? Right now, it looks like it is only happening to me. Information on my Google Webmaster Console does not give me hints about what might be going on. My sites are totally white hats. Thanks! Jonathan

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