Did the Olympics Reduce Your Google AdSense Earnings?

Aug 19, 2008 • 9:36 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

If you are a Google AdSense publisher and make a lot of money off of those AdSense ads, you may have noticed a dip in your earnings as a result of the Beijing Olympics. Google AdSense publishers report that their traffic, and subsequently, number of clicks, was lower than normal once the Olympics began.

But could the Olympics really be the reason for the drop? It's possible that a lot of people are just vacationing right now. It is, after all, August, and school is starting soon, so time is running out for those possible family vacations.

The solution? Think of a niche that is August-specific, suggests forum member netmeg.

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08/19/2008 08:28 pm

Still haven't come up with a good one though, and August is almost over.

Fielding J. Hurst

08/19/2008 09:52 pm

Well, now that you mention it. Yes. With that said, I've seen other dips with no explanation, so who knows.

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