How Will the SEO Bubble Pop?

Aug 15, 2008 • 9:34 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You can clearly search and find that many people think that SEO is dying a painful death, but do you know exactly how that will happen? Well, Ian Lurie decided to speculate how the SEO bubble will pop and proposes three theories.

In his first theory, bigger agencies will start doing their SEO in-house. In his second, SEO will just not be needed because of cut costs. In the third theory, Ian says that clients are seeking tolerable (not lousy!) results and that the rip-off artists will go away.

Do you agree? At Sphinn, forum members don't feel that Ian's assessment is correct. The need for marketing is much more important now than ever, and talent will always be needed. "Shameless self-promoters," then, will need to be distinguished from real talent.

Additionally, since web sites are not going away anytime soon, most don't foresee the SEO bubble to pop.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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Kris from Florida

08/15/2008 03:34 pm

People have way too much time on their hand if they are talking about SEO bubble . Get busy with some work guys, I see endless opportunities for SEO`s who really get what SEO is .


08/15/2008 10:51 pm

I actually pointed out that I think the bubble won't pop, so much as deflate, in the end. The lousy practitioners will fall out, and the rest will have more opportunities than ever...


08/17/2008 11:34 pm

The SEO bubble isn't going to pop because there is no bubble. In our little world it may seem like things are growing fast, but the rest of the business/marketing world is still catching up and there will be a need for the skilled amongst us to help them.

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