Does the Amount of Content Matter for SEO?

Jul 22, 2008 • 9:18 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Everyone emphasizes that content is king. But does the amount of content make a difference? This is the issue that is currently being discussed at High Rankings Forums.

Well, contrary to what they usually say, size doesn't matter this time. The number of pages is insignificant. Content still is king, but the amount is up for discussion.

When it comes to content, quantity is not the concern. Instead quality is of utmost importance. As forum member Torka puts it, the most valuable sites to search engines (and users, of course) are those that offer useful and original content, provide a useful service, and sell products that people want or need.

Forum discussion continues at High Rankings Forums.

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Content is King

07/22/2008 03:05 pm

When I look a page for a client and see that they have less than 200 words on a page. I'd usually recommend that they use more copy so I'd say yes it matters how much.

Duarte Canario

07/23/2008 07:54 am

Quality is important, but unless you're telling where the Holy Grail is, or know the lottery numbers in advanced, you need to use more than just a sentence or two, to cause a significant impact. So I'd say, dispite the Quality, sometimes the problem, is that there isnt just enough content.

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