Does Google Every Totally "Forgive" A Site For Being Penalized?

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There is an excellent thread at WebmasterWorld discussing if Google will ever fully "forgive" a site after it has been penalized.

For example, let's say you have been slapped with a link penalty, and you remove all those bad links. Will Google every rank you as well as you once ranked? The thread has some excellent experience to quote:

Senior member, netmeg, said that Google does completely forgive:

one of my clients was completely banned from Google for a spammy link exchange program; we cleaned 'em all up and filed a reinclusion request, and they are currently #1-3 for just about every relevant search phrase you could think of. They're ranking higher now than they ever did before the penalty - but it did take about a year to work their way up to that point.

Yes, I agree that it takes a long time to earn back your trust from Google.

But WebmasterWorld administrator asks a key question, Google may forgive, but do they forget? Tedster said:

I do think Google always has a record of the past penalty somewhere, and any future infractions might be dealt with quite harshly.

I am very confident Google records each and every penalty for a website, historically. This is incredibly important data for Google to have when manually reviewing a reconsideration request. Does Google have a three-strikes and your out rule? I doubt it, but all this information is 100% relevant for the process.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/22/2008 01:46 pm

If a site can completely clean up the issues involved and we can place some trust in their claims that they won't try things like that in the future, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't want to "forgive and forget." The web is constantly evolving and growing, if there was a "three-strikes rule" then many of the older sites wouldn't be around anymore. :-)

Barry Schwartz

07/22/2008 01:48 pm

Thanks John. But you would delete the record saying domain X had penalty Y on date B? That is truly forgetting. :)


07/22/2008 07:46 pm

Maybe it goes on your secret permanent record, like all the naughty stuff you did when you were in school... Too bad we can't FOIA Google.

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