Tips For Outsourcing Link Building

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There is a newish WebmasterWorld thread that is just getting started on the topic of tips on outsourcing link building to India, South America or other countries outside of your local region.

Here are the initial tips this SEO learned and wanted to share:

  • Do not pay in advance...
  • Sign a contract
  • Try to have exclusivity for your niche
  • Force your SEO to not ask links to your competitors
  • Give them a real email from your domain name
  • When possible, don't outsource.

Do you have tips? Let's add them to the WebmasterWorld thread.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Customer Care Representative

07/18/2008 03:56 am

Nice tips., I guess your tips are really effective.Actually I'm done doing some of those tips. good job!


04/24/2009 07:19 pm

Thanks for the tip. I liked the one about telling your link builders to not ask for links from competitors.

Hellen thomas

10/05/2009 12:51 pm

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Gaurav Gurbaxani

11/18/2009 10:03 am

I may be slightly late in making a comment, though I think there is a lot more than go into a successful link building campaign. From a vendors perspective I think the requirements really need to streamlined and transparent. I you know exactly what you are looking for, for example quality of links (Page Rank, Do-Follow, Blogs, Forums etc) It becomes a lot easier to deliver! Good luck and we would be happy to help!


02/16/2010 05:01 pm

I think it's a lot more important to focus on core competency. What can an indian outsourcing team do better at? -- submissions, data entry, programming and the grunt work. What can you not outsource? -- Writing, content and planning. It's also very important to stick to a plan and focus - be smart when outsourcing, most companies fail because they either outsource everything or don't outsource anything.

Joseph Jones

08/18/2011 09:44 am

Actually, when you outsource to people who are reliable, there's no problem in paying in advance. Paying in advance gives both parties the trust. When I say reliable, I mean that the team or the company you are going to outsource to, have good feedback and ratings. Reviews and feedback plays a significant role when outsourcing, you have to check them - it's one way of evaluating the team or the company. Another thing is that of course you need to select workers that will fit best with your needs (link building, as what you stated). Choosing people who really specialize in such area would help you attain and complete the task. You can read these problems in outsourcing and how you can overcome it. These are some info that might help you in outsourcing. 

Philippines BPO

09/06/2011 03:51 pm

It's been a while since you made this post but i'm glad to see this useful information.. Thanks for sharing it..


06/12/2012 03:19 am

Hi, Can u also give some tips for the person who works on outsourced link building projects. Actually I have recently worked for Mr. Ricky Dawn of thiswebguy dot com but when the time for payment came he suddenly disappeared and he didn't made any payments yet also he stopped replying my emails. I hope your articles would help persons like me.

Sukriti Mehra

06/21/2012 06:14 am

Hi Sangita, I totaly agree with you. I am also among one of the victims of Mr. Ricky dawn. He is always doing the same thing. He outsources the work and after the completion of work he runs away without paying. One must avoid working with such guys.


06/21/2012 01:53 pm

Sangita, I did make one payment to you.... The other invoice you sent me was priced at $6 each when originally the price was determined by the PR of the links. I gave you a chance so I can see what the links were like or to see if you just had a network of blogs that you would just add my links to over time (without doing any work just adding the links to your sites), so many people do this and it adds no value, I asked if this were the case and you said no. The out come was this: Firstly Most of the links were on links pages, with loads of other links (something which is not 'high quality' like you said) and something I asked not to do. Even though the links were not what I was looking for, I was still willing to carry on but advise you on the types of links I wanted. I then went away to the US (I'm in the UK) for the SES conference and to meet clients, I was only gone a week or so. I received some emails from you while I was there, one that struck me was an email of you saying you were going to 'Remove the Links', but hang on didn't you build the links on third party sites? How are you just going to remove them? Surely you are not going to contact them all over again, and ask them to remove them which would have taken a long time. The only other reason could be that they are infact your own sites, and you have just placed my links on them. I have now given up on using overseas freelancers (apart form one trusted person). I tell you what, when you remove all of the 'link page links' I'll pay you everything I owe, since that would help my site more (removing the links) then keeping them. Ricky


06/21/2012 01:57 pm

I have never hired you, you must work with the Sangita.... If I am wrong please correct me but Sangita is the only freelancer I have had a dispute with.....


06/27/2012 04:48 am

Hi Ricky, Thank god at least you have replied my message. First of all I would like to tell you that I have sent you only one invoice which you have not paid.. I have sent you the invoice only after getting the approval of links from you. You have mailed me that all the links ar good and asked for an invoice which I sent you and still unpaid. As far as the 'removal of links' mail is concerned that was a frustration when you have not replied my emails for 2 months. You said u were not in UK. That's ok don't you think you should have sent at least a single mail about that. If you didn't like the links you should have told me to stop the work. I have continued the work for 2 months and waited for a single mail from your side. Is that fair? You said that you have sent me one payment so I request you to please recheck your account the things will be cleared.. I am not asking you for the payment as it is up to you whether you want to pay or not but the way you have made the whole deal was not fair. Sangita


06/27/2012 01:31 pm

Ok, please can you check the invoice you sent? I saw it was priced at $6 each I'm not sure if that works out right or not, because I was going to be charged on whatever the PR was right? I don't really want to go through all the links and check, yes I understand your point, and it wasn't my intention to up and leave for a while, I was angry when I came back and saw all of this! Ricky

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