Poll: Do You Outsource Your Link Building?

Jul 10, 2008 • 9:48 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

A Search Engine Watch Forums thread asks whether SEOs perform their link building inhouse or if they outsource the link building efforts. Only two people answered the poll but both said they do it in-house.

It's no surprise, really, since we covered this issue over a year ago and it's best to keep the link-building efforts in-house. Many companies (not all, of course) don't build the best links. It's up to you to find the most ideal links for your company's website. Quality is significant.

On that note, we don't want to shy you away from this question, but do you build your links internally or do you focus on people outside your organization to build them for you? As AussieWebmaster points out in the Search Engine Watch forums thread, if you're short-staffed, outsourcing may be the right way to go.

Forum discussion continues at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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07/10/2008 07:29 pm

I have come to realize that link building along with new content creation is vital for your website business to succeed on the net.This is something that I HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING, but not anymore.If I did have the choice in the future, it's a task that I would consider outsourcing

hendra leonar

07/18/2008 08:10 am

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