Matt Cutts Warns Against Lying in a Reconsideration Request

Jun 18, 2008 • 9:26 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A lot of people whose websites get banned from Google eventually take the necessary measures to fix the problems on their site and then request reinclusion. Some, however, do not. They just submit that reinclusion request and assume everything is fixed. Matt Cutts isn't stupid, and you shouldn't think that's a way of getting around being deindexed on Google. In a Twitter message, Matt says that you shouldn't lie in your reconsideration requests. He says it makes him angry. Heck, I'd say that if people lie too many times, they shouldn't be reindexed at all ;)

If you ever get deindexed, you're able to determine how you can be reindexed. At that point, you can file a reinclusion request for your website or for your video.

(Thanks Harith!) :)

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No Name

06/18/2008 05:05 pm

Wow! How stupid are people to think that they can get away with that?!?! Obviously, the reason they were de-indexed is viewable by Googlers, so to check whether or not the offenses are still active would be just as easy. I wonder how Matt & Co. mark these domains, webmasters, etc.

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