Google to Discontinue Google Browser Sync

Jun 16, 2008 • 9:45 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

The Google Browser Sync Firefox extension project appears to be coming to a close, according to Google Operating System. The team behind management was very small, apparently, and the tool won't be seen in Firefox 3 (which is expected to launch officially tomorrow). The extension, by the way, allowed you to sync all of your bookmarks, web history, and passwords across multiple browsers.

Unfortunately that means that some people who have relied on the efficiency of the tool are out of luck. I'm not sure if there are any suggested Firefox replacements that would work instead, but if you know of any, please add them to the comments.

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Alexander Langer

06/16/2008 02:52 pm

Mozilla Weave seems to be the answer. On 20th of June a new Version for Firefox 3 is scheduled that in addition to bookmarks, syncs cookies, passwords, forms data, .. as well.


06/16/2008 02:53 pm

I was actually really upset to hear this news. This was probably my favorite Firefox extension. It has made my life so much easier being able to have my passwords and bookmarks synced across my home and work computer. I believe Lifehacker had a few alternatives, but none of them provide the same services as Google Sync.

Stephanie M. Cockerl

06/30/2008 02:34 pm

I am trying out Foxmarks. The bonus is that you can also organize the bookmarks from your web account. I also think that one can also import/merge with a account.


11/06/2009 06:51 pm

I want to discontinue my use of Google . now.

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