How Does Google Handle Hacked Sites?

May 28, 2008 • 9:34 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Matt Cutts blogged about how Google keeps its index clean by deindexing hacked sites. In his post, he explains that hacked sites can be detrimental to the search experience especially if malware is hosted there and is installed on a visitor's computer. Therefore, Google takes preventative measures to remove those sites so that visitor machines are not inadvertently compromised in any way.

Matt explains that Google also sends numerous reports to the webmaster of the particular domain (contact@, support@, webmaster@, and info@) to inform them of the issue. The email is typically entitled "Removal from Google's Index." Of course, if you register your website with Google's Webmaster Tools, you can get the information there when you log in as well.

If your site is removed, you have a few days to act upon it before Google removes your site from the index, but once everything is clean again, you can file a reconsideration request and be readded.

In 2006, we covered when the Jennifer Convertibles site was hacked and delisted from Google. Within 2 days, it was back in the index. In this case, Google acted fast because the webmasters acted fast to remove the malicious code from their content.

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Kronik Media

05/28/2008 04:26 pm

Google will easily pick up sites that have been hacked by malware. Once Google has identified such websites it will not necessarily ban them but it will include a scary warning message instead of the description on their search results page. This can however be quite easily removed by taking the necessary steps on your server to remove the malware and prevent future hacking attempts. Once this is done you may submit a re inclusion or warning removal request for the website form Google webmaster control panel. This may take a few weeks but the process is quite smooth and you will be kept up to date by Google via email. For more information on Google and search engine otpimisation please visit


04/05/2011 06:23 am

For some reason in the past three days,I have had trouble accessing the Internet. Google is my home page,although yahoo is the preferred home page of my provider. I can access the net but it takes me several attempts to succeed.I can't help to wonder whats up?

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