Linkbait Shows Matt Cutts Being Electrocuted by Solar Panels

May 21, 2008 • 10:56 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

I didn't know that being electrocuted by solar panels was even possible, but apparently it is. Solar Dave made a really cute video about how it all went down:

The idea behind the video, as Dave explains, was to illustrate that Google is starting to see that linkbait isn't all white hat and that there may be more "shades of gray" than assumed possible before (I guess anything can turn into black hat SEO if you think about it).

In the case of this piece of "linkbait," a few forum members were taken aback by hearing that Matt Cutts died :( I can hear that. What would we do without Matt's sunshine in our lives?

Is this viral marketing? It could be within the community who knows who Matt is. But most people don't, so it's mostly just linkbait among those who know Matt.

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05/21/2008 03:39 pm

I think there are a lot of people who know who Matt is and would think it could get a good number of links. If they link to it with the anchor text solar panels I'd think it would be pretty easy to push to the top of the results.


05/21/2008 04:51 pm

Tamar, Thanks for the writeup on my video. I was mostly trying out a new video editing technique for my training videos on another one of my sites and thought it would be fun to create a little off topic link bait spoof. What I am hoping for is more discussion at SMX in a couple weeks to more define what is good or evil link bait.

Frank Antonellis

05/21/2008 09:36 pm

Evil yet funny!

Big Barry Fan

05/21/2008 09:49 pm

Why wasn't Barry Schwartz in the video?!!!! Answer: He was waiting in line for the new iPhone and wasn't available for comment

Federico Muñoa

05/22/2008 01:36 pm

LOL !!! Nice Vid.

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