What is Google's Stance on Image Replacement Techniques?

Apr 25, 2008 • 10:02 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A WebmasterWorld member asks if there's any penalty for adding H2 text (4 words) for the search engines because his logo is displayed in an image.

The answer seems unclear. Tedster responds that he's asked Google twice about this -- one said that it can get a spam penalty and the other said it was perfectly fine if it was not keyword stuffing and was used only for accessibility.

In other words, we'll need someone from Google to let us know what the real answer is. :)

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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04/25/2008 03:55 pm

Good luck on getting that! lol. I'm anxious to hear the results. Make sure you pass them on please.

phil maher

04/25/2008 08:48 pm

why not run an SEO test and setup new domains to test this? ...ultimately I don't think Google is going to care much about this...

Erik Dafforn

04/26/2008 07:49 pm

It seems like Matt Cutts more or less addressed this in his "<a href="http://www.threadwatch.org/node/4313#comment-26883" rel="nofollow">Expo Markers</a>" comment in 2005. It sounds like if the image shows the same words as are obscured by CSS, that particular user should be fine. See also a <a href="http://seoblog.intrapromote.com/2007/07/google_weighs_i.html" rel="nofollow">post</a> I wrote last summer about Google's views on sIFR and image replacement in general.

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