Is Google Seeing index.html the Same as the Root Domain?

Mar 31, 2008 • 9:25 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Jill Whalen discovered through several site audits that Google appears to have merged the index page with the root page of the domain. In other words, if your was the same as and you still linked to, Google is now seeing these pages as one and the same versus in the past where they would treat them as two separate pages and even split toolbar PageRank.

It may be an issue of the duplicate content filter on Google finally kicking in, which can take awhile, according to forum member Ron Carnell.

However, Jill has noticed it on the last five site audits she performed, so it's possible that it's something that Google is now putting into effect -- at least for now. Ron mentions that Google has once merged and but then unmerged it, so it may only be a temporary change.

Forum discussion continues at High Rankings Forum.

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David Eaves

03/31/2008 04:52 pm

She could be onto something, I haven't had any problems with this for the last 2-3 months now. I will still make sure my clients link the non index.html version in their site navigation, link juice might be different.


04/01/2008 07:30 pm

I hope the same is true for default.asp. But I still have problems on MSN.

Dave Slade

12/19/2008 11:44 am

If google sees the domain page and the index page as the same then why do my index page and my domain page have to different page ranks. has a pr3 has a pr5 and how do i correct this problem

Dave Slade

12/30/2008 04:22 am

Hey I found the answer did you no that you can go to googles webmaster tools and choose settings and change the domain page?

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