The Implications of the nofollow Tag, Illustrated

Mar 4, 2008 • 9:44 am | comments (8) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

The eVisibility guys, who gave out a super cool shirt at SMX West (see photo below), wrote an interesting post about the implications of the nofollow tag.

E-Visibility T-Shirt (Front)E-Visibility T-Shirt (Back)

They use an illustration that describes how nofollow works by not passing juice onto the pages. It's actually an easy to understand diagram that explains how some juice passes to certain pages and others don't pass on to other pages, thereby allowing you to control the amount of link juice that flows to internal pages.

It's a really easy explanation with a simple-to-understand illustration that has been suggested by Sphinn members as "a must read if you are still scratching your head regarding the use of the nofollow tag internally."

Still, there are a few people who are perturbed by using the nofollow tool this way (using the Bruce Clay siloing example or the Rand Fishkin sculpting example, and there's a Sphinn discussion on the latter), but overall, if this is an approach that you still want to consider (for some non-critical pages, at least), the illustration makes it easy to understand.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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steve peron

03/04/2008 04:46 pm

Tamar no link to our post?

Miguel Salcido

03/04/2008 05:04 pm

Hi Tamar, glad that you enjoyed our post about nofollow. One of our client managers, Ricardo, wrote it because he was tired of trying to explain it to clients! Also glad that you liked our shirts from SMX West! We will be offering more soon. Check back at our blog or subscribe to get updates on when they will be available again.

Tamar Weinberg

03/04/2008 05:08 pm

Hey guys, sorry about the link!! It's fixed now. :)


03/04/2008 05:11 pm

Thanks you rockz!

Miguel Salcido

03/04/2008 05:14 pm

Kyle was quite pleased. :-)


03/04/2008 06:25 pm

those are fantastic shirts!! :D

Jason Forthofer

03/04/2008 07:54 pm

question: if we don't want to pass PR to a page on our own site should we use the disallow in robots.txt or tag the links going to that page with the nofollow tag?

Michael Martinez

03/04/2008 08:01 pm

Jason, just take the site down. That will save you the trouble of "sculpting" PageRank.

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