How Important is the Site Relevancy for Backlinks?

Mar 3, 2008 • 9:31 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

A WebmasterWorld member is in a bit of trouble because he feels that there are no relevant sites for his ecommerce shop. Obviously, since search engines like relevant links, this is a bit of a challenge for those who can't possibly have relevant sites.

There are numerous reactions to this comment. First of all, the WWW is so vast that it's hardly believable that there are no relevant sites. And if there aren't, it's probably not a very competitive area either, is it?

One forum member adds that link profile is more important than the context of the sites linking to you. Another advises to widen the scope of links you're looking for.

Many are too nervous to get links from irrelevant sites. They believe that it substantially helps their rankings.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Rob Abdul

03/04/2008 10:49 am

I do sympathise with the ecommerce shop gentleman. The truth it is not that there are no relevant links. The truth is that other sites do not find it relevant to link to the ecommerce shop. Say for example in this ecommerce shop is selling flash memory cards. Most small ecommerce shops, just display a product image and its specification. Why would someone link to this page? Why not use a big of social networking magic and blog about how flash memory cards have replaced floppy disks, how to protect your data by using encryption techniques, etc. Now this type of rich content will get you generic traffic.

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