Possible Google PageRank Update?

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After reviewing DigitalPoint Forums, I saw about 5 different threads discussing a PageRank update at Google. I am honestly not sure if this is a legit update but it doesn't really matter.

A toolbar PageRank update has no immediate or direct impact on your rankings at Google.com.

Having said that, there are a few threads at the forum on the update but this DigitalPoint Forums thread is the most active at the moment.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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02/26/2008 03:58 pm

I can see an update at some datacenter.


02/26/2008 11:36 pm

I noticed some PR changes on a few sites today, so I did a search to see if anyone else was noticing and found this blog post.


02/27/2008 08:57 am

I check all my web sites and i don't see any update?!


02/27/2008 09:52 am

we noticed changes in both PR, backlinks as well as some of our clients rankings.

No Name

02/27/2008 12:33 pm

Can't see any updates at the moment, thought it wasn't going to happen for at least another month.

Titus Raj

02/27/2008 03:47 pm

I had an update. My site went up to PR5 for about 3 hours and then slid back to PR4. Talk about a short lived joy. This was the ultimate after trying to get it back to PR5 for a year and a half after it dropped to PR4


02/27/2008 05:33 pm

I have a client site jumping all round the 1st page of Google over the past couple of days - Positions 4, 8, 10 then 4 again!?

Linda Tong

02/28/2008 07:37 pm

I have seen a PR change on one of my websites. But as far as the rest. No changes so far. Not even in any DC's.


02/28/2008 10:15 pm

My site went to a PR 3 ...my other site did not change but I am happy with this =)


02/29/2008 05:46 am

My website that is online 2months now with one simple page html is get to 2 pr the website gonna be online 1st of april


03/03/2008 12:05 pm

I am seeing changes for sites that I monitor - some are losing a point or two, but are all keeping their rankings at the moment.


03/03/2008 12:07 pm

As usual my PR0 site is doing the best... :)


03/04/2008 03:09 am

"A toolbar PageRank update has no immediate or direct impact on your rankings at Google.com" Does this statement imply that there is a delayed or indirect impact of pagerank on rankings at Google.com? Please elaborate on what you mean by this as I was under the impression pagerank did factor into where a page will end up in search engine results.


03/06/2008 01:36 pm

I have yet to see any connection between those green pixels (although I just have a text number in FF) and rankings. I'm so over the PR craze already!


06/07/2008 05:00 pm

One of my website went from 0 to 3 while others have no changes, although they are hosted on the same server.

No Name

07/14/2008 10:07 pm

Remember there are a lot of factors aside from PR value in SERP's. Content, backlinks, anchor text, etc. all play more significant roles IMHO.

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