Is a Link From Google Worth the Exposure?

Feb 21, 2008 • 9:31 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A WebmasterWorld member has been contacted by Google about presenting a story about how Google AdWords has worked for him. If all goes well, Google will interview him and write up a nice article which would ultimately need his approval before being put on the site.

Is there any downside to this?

Well, if you think about it, what downsides can there be? Google looks to accurately depict your company and you'll probably get a nice juicy link from it!

Can you point out any concerns that you'd have if you publish a case study of Google AdWords on Google?

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Dan Graham

02/21/2008 04:19 pm

There is one large concern. Depending on the landscape of competition in the members market, he might be letting them all in on his marketing secret. Google will not be writing an article applauding the great business of the member, they will be writing to show how much AdWords helps out business through revenue and ROI. If the competition sees how much benefit and ROI is available through AdWords through a direct testimonial, they might agree with Google's article and create some campaigns, ultimately driving up costs and possibly eliminating the niche marketing effort.


02/21/2008 04:20 pm

The downside might be the possibility competitors gleaning anything about your adwords strategy or leveraging of tools. Probably more of an issue for those in a niche where the adwords competition is fierce.


02/21/2008 04:46 pm

Sadly, it wont have any affect b/c google uses a secure server (https) for its case study pages.

Barry Schwartz

02/21/2008 05:08 pm

So, https doesn't change things....


02/22/2008 03:50 pm

So even though the site doesn't pass page rank to the page, its still beneficial for SEO reasons?


06/05/2010 04:39 pm

Yeah I wouldn't be too fond of Google running a case study on an AdWords account I manage. There's no need of for my competitors to know what type of margin I have.

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