Google Wants to Link Google Analytics Account with Google AdWords

Feb 14, 2008 • 7:16 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

If you're receiving any Google email that you need to link you Google Analytics account with your Google AdWords account, the email appears to be legit. Google Help clarifies as it explains the process of linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account.

The email states:

Hello, It's come to our attention that your AdWords account has not been properly linked with your Google Analytics account. If you do not link your accounts by March 5, 2008, we cannot ensure that your data from AdWords will continue to populate in your Analytics account.

It's fast and simple to link both accounts. Please review the various scenarios below and follow the instructions that best suits your needs.

It looks like you have less than a month to do so, but in the end, I think it's worth it.

Of course, if you are receiving the email and your two accounts are already linked, you might want to look into it. One forum member had that problem. But it looks like everyone is getting this email...except that I didn't.

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ryan walker

02/14/2008 02:03 pm

i got this same email and everyone of my clients got this as well. i even got it for my own corporate site and I know in fact that the two are linked properly.


02/14/2008 03:50 pm

Does this mean that beginning March 5, it won't be enough to just enable auto-tagging in your Adwords account? Currently, Analytics automatically segments the traffic as google(cpc) and most of the reports in the Traffic Sources->Adwords menu work great. The only thing I don't get is cost and impression data, but I don't mind that.

Kevin Doory

02/14/2008 05:25 pm

Thought I would pass on the info I received from my Google rep. A quick excerpt: As for your Analytics question, this automatic email applies to all Analytics accounts. We have made some changes to how AdWords data will populate in Analytics profiles. In order for you to see AdWords data in your an Analytics profile, you will need to ensure the following three things are complete. 1)Autotagging is enabled in AdWords 2) Adwords and Analytics accounts are linked 3) Cost data is applied for each profile

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