How Does One Find New Clients for Search Engine Optimization?

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A High Rankings Forum member is starting his own SEO consultancy firm and wants to know how to find clients. Where would you look if you're just beginning?

You can try to go to your Chamber of Commerce and other local business organizations. But be careful:

Don't try to sell them directly. Become a member, then volunteer to give presentations about how having an online presence can benefit small businesses.

People find that method to be extremely successful. What's your take?

Additional tactics include starting up a PPC campaign, spreading the word, starting a blog, participating in forums, and even buying banner ads on sites. Do they help or hurt in your experience?

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Barrie Adams

02/12/2008 04:45 pm

Invest in PPC, advertise in the right places, surely this way enables quick turnaround and instant traffic.


02/12/2008 05:59 pm

Great timing with this. I have become an inhouse SEO "expert" at my company and was trying to figure out how I can make some money on the side from everything I've learned.

Josh Garner

02/12/2008 06:25 pm

Network. I've got a "partnership" of sorts with designers and copywriters. We refer each other any chance we get. It helps a lot. Plus, when you do something for website designers, they tend to want to outsource SEO work to you. This can be tricky so be careful. Starting a blog helps. Get traffic to your own site, that can be proof in and of itself that you know what you are doing. Also important. Be confident. Don't come down on your price if you know you're worth it. I've had people say I charge too much (really I'm a lot less expensive than others), go with someone else, and then call me a few months later. I charge what I charge because I'm worth it.

Matt Webb

02/12/2008 06:41 pm

Like Josh mentioned, it's all about the network of people. Something that a large number of web developers and online marketers seem to do is isolate themselves from local competitors. Introduce yourself to them! Go make friends! Feed each other work!

Mike Tekula

02/12/2008 09:57 pm

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately myself, being that I'm growing quickly tired of the agency gig (especially seeing clients ripped off). I'm probably making the jump to working full-time for myself in the next 2-3 this is something I'm looking for ideas on all the time. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce is definitely on my list. Networking, as well, is crucial.


02/13/2008 01:24 pm

I thing this method is good. We have to make aware people about SEO in their website. Thus, you can help people and propose some steps.... :)

Ant Onaf

02/21/2008 04:58 am

I find that honesty and being fourthcoming will go a long way. Clients like to work with someone they can trust. Getting clients is easy, especially when you realize its an SEO world, because there are many more websites than there are SEO's (not being arrogant), but what is hard is retaining clients and upselling. I would suggest in the beginning just give more than the client paid for, always exceed expectations and you will easily retain clients.

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