Will You Continue to Use Google Checkout After Trial Period?

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A featured WebmasterWorld thread asks merchants and webmasters if they will continue to use Google Checkout now that there are processing and transaction fees.

The response is fairly mixed. But overall, most people are saying they enjoy the extra visibility in the AdWords area by having a Google Checkout Badge displayed prominently on their AdWords listings.

There are many pros and cons listed in the forum thread but I wanted to get a poll going myself. If you currently or recently used Google Checkout, will you or have you continued to use it after the fees started kicking in?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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David Saunders

02/12/2008 08:56 pm

Yes I will use Google Checkout and I voted thus. OK we had a free year but they deserve to make money for making us small businesses able to have a merchant account with no monthly bank fees. I don't make boatloads of $$$s and am not too worried about becoming a big SEO "name" so NEED Google Checkout to keep my costs down. David Saunders Charlotte, NC

Paddy Maguire

02/20/2008 08:22 pm

Guys, the system works pretty well but the customer support is a nightmare. To be honest I made more money with paypal and it gave me the impression to have a far bigger user base. I am referring to the UK market by the way. What's your experience with their CS? Thanks-Paddy


03/05/2008 10:45 pm

Since GCO ended all of their free promo stuff, sales through them have nearly disappeared. GCO was topping paypal for a while, but now they're down to about .2% of purchases, compared to Paypal's steady 5 - 10%. These stats are when GCO is offered next to credit card and paypal checkout.

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