Should You Put Phone Numbers on Landing Pages?

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A High Rankings Forum members wonders what the benefits would be reaped for putting a phone number on a landing page.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of reasons why you'd want to do this.

Forum members suggest that some questions may not be answered on the landing page, so having a phone number lets them call you to ask.

It also helps instill trust from users. As one forum members puts it, "If you're asking for their information, it doesn't hurt to provide some information about yourself as well."

However, you might want to track your phone calls. What options are available? Nethy suggests that you use a Click-to-Call button. Another way to track is to have a different number on landing pages only.

What would you suggest?

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Bill Hartzer

02/06/2008 06:14 pm

I've seen an interesting solution whereas you can place javascript on your landing page(s)...and depending on the referrer it will display a different phone number. So, if they come from Google AdWords it would display one phone number and another if they came from an organic search result. This would get away from a click-to-call button, as sometimes people's pc setup won't allow that.


02/06/2008 08:43 pm

What the folks selling all of those wonderful tracking numbers don't want you to know is that some incarnation of a click to call link or button can track where the end user came from. In fact, click to call services can even tell the owner of the landing page where the calling party came from after answering.

chase rief

02/07/2008 01:38 am

You can get a tracking number that forwards to your regular phone. it gives you all the caller id and call length at the end of the month. The service i use is:

Justin Seibert

02/07/2008 01:35 pm

It depends on the purpose of the landing page, but as long as it's not for an easy ecommerce sale we use them on the majority of lead generation pages we create. The credibility factor is huge plus a lot of the companies would prefer a warm call to someone signing up for more information. There are a lot of different ways to track calls and some providers that specialize in this, giving you detailed call information and as many numbers as you would like for a flat monthly rate plus x cents per minute.


02/07/2008 09:08 pm

As soon as you put a number on the first page then the bounce rate increases. As we all know the bounce rate helps us determine if the marketing and website work together. This is the easiest way to convince clients to make needed changes to the website. We recommend a call to action telling visitors to contact (link) to contact or a we will call you form on each page ( Have an exseollent day


02/08/2008 08:45 pm

Where can you find some sample code for the javascript landing page phone number suggestion that Bill Hartzer proposed?

Kevin Bullard

02/08/2008 08:55 pm

You BETTER use a phone number unless you are some eBiz...

Eric Miltsch

02/08/2008 09:05 pm

I placed separate 800#'s from CallBright in the header on our four inventory pages, individual detail pages, and even on our off-page marketing channels. This helps identify the additional contacts and monetize the efforts.

Matt Myers

02/08/2008 09:15 pm

The more response elements you add to a page, the more lead volume you'll ultimately receive. Instead of focusing on the clickstream available behind form-driven leads, concentrate on the 1)contact rate 2)lead quality and 3)conversion rate into sale. What you'll quickly find is that phone leads have a 100% contact rate, high urgency to act (as they're calling you) and usually a very good conversion rate. The reason people often advocate against them is that they're difficult to measure (other than click to call), difficult to optimize media against, and operationally often meet resistance. You can quickly test the concept by adding a unique number to your landing page and mapping it to your pre-existing in-bound call process. At the end of the month, look at volume and conversion of the calls (you receive a 100% match on all in-bound callers' numbers and 50% of the time you can match the caller's mailing address). Compare your month over month form lead volume to determine if the phone number is producing incremental volume or diluting overall response.


02/09/2008 12:59 am

There is a solution to the call tracking issue. It comes with the online marketing software being used by GloballyLocally. When you run your ad dollars through this software it tracks each phone number on a website through a process that even records the call for later review.


02/09/2008 01:21 am

Check out KeyMetric ( They are they the first analytics /measurement solution that can track telephone calls back the exact keyword and /or natural search term that the visitor clicked on. They have a higher level solution as well that tracks to adsource and website. The technology dynamicall inserts numbers into the HTML based on user activity and session.


02/21/2008 06:21 pm

There is a division of Marchex named VoiceStar that has a JavaScript solution as well as a (patented) reverse proxy solution that will allow an agency or publisher to dynamically rewrite the number on a client's website (site wide) to reflect the individual referrer, keyword, or ad campaign that drove the traffic to the site. Unfortunately they are a private labeled solution and do not sell directly to advertisers. They are powering several hundred SEO/SEMs, interactive agencies and publishers in this regard.

Jenny Sinclair

01/24/2011 07:31 pm

Yes of course, it is a must. After all your full contact details is what the visitor would see on your landing page to approach you. Merely getting the visitor to your website is half the work done, the need is to convince him to contact you and avail of your service so as to increase your ROI. Jenny Sinclair

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