Microsoft's Live Search Not Ranking New Sites Well Anymore

Jan 18, 2008 • 9:09 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Bing Search

Guess what? Beyond the value that Microsoft's Live Search Webmaster Portal has for gaining statistical information about your website, it also has an added bonus of the ability to connect with the Live Search team. A WebmasterWorld member says that if you're not ranking at all in Live Search, the team at the Webmaster Portal actually listen to your complaints, especially since there's a good number of complaints that sites don't seem to rank on MSN Live Search at all.

Suggest you get your site validated with their webmastertools, POST YOUR PROBLEM and keep up with those posts. You can also submit your site for manual review if you like.

Since submitting your request from the "Feedback" button (bottom of the Live Search Results) page seems to be unanswered, using the portal might be your best bet. You just have to be persistent. Unfortunately, Live Search is not as fast at indexing pages as it used to be, but hopefully that will change (especially due to the Fast Search acquisition).

One of my sites, Schwag Addict, seems to be a good candidate for the portal. I rank #1 on Ask, Yahoo, and Google for "schwag addict" as expected, but I'm nowhere to be found on Live Search. The site doesn't seem to rank at all. It's good to know that I have some recourse with the tool, as others feel the same way.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

Postscript Barry: I am told it is not clear from Tamar's post that this seems to be a pattern happening to many webmasters. As you can see from the forum thread at WebmasterWorld, many SEOs and webmasters are noticing that new sites are simply not ranking well in Live Search. I asked Tamar if it was true for her new site, and she had no idea if it was until after she looked and said - yes, it appears to be true on her site as well. So, generally, these days, Live Search is slow to rank newer sites well in the results.

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Barry Schwartz

01/18/2008 02:24 pm

I doubt FAST Search will have an impact here, being FAST is an enterprise search appliance..

Matt Ridout

01/18/2008 02:54 pm

I had a clients site excluded from the index unless you type the exact url. I checked and the url is not banned, so I emailed them, this was a good 1-2 months ago, nothing back yet!


01/18/2008 03:02 pm

Ho hum. Even if you ranked for "sex" in Live Search you'd be able to handle the traffic with a Commodore 64. I launched a new site two months ago. I promoted it about 98% white hat. Within a month it had about 2.5 as many links as it's main competitor -- at about + 1.5 months it ranked #1 in MSN for the main keyword. It's on the second page of Google now -- and gets about as many hits.


01/21/2008 10:02 am

It should also be noted that MSN is terrible at re-indexing a site after a re-direct from an old site to a new site. Yahoo! and Google are far more quicker in re-indexing pages and thus reinstating the rankings.


02/01/2008 10:43 pm

I have stopped emailing them after numerous attemtps and not bothering to index any new sites from now on, until they should never have changed the old msn. I hope that their bid to buy Yahoo doesnt affect the yahoo's search engine!


02/24/2008 07:25 pm

I gave up worrying about Live Search last year. There was a period when it was highly ranking some of my new, unproven sites well and it produced good traffic when G and Y were not. Since then, a number of my sites have increased in web "status" and all but disappeared from the Live Search index. Although not as popular for search as G/Y!, I had a hunch that Live Search might be used by default via the IE7 box (by more novice users). Guess that don't matter now if the bid goes through. Best Wishes Rob

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