Matt Cutts Illustrates How to Remove URLs from Google

Jan 10, 2008 • 9:00 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Ever wanted to know the clear-cut way to remove URLs from Google? Matt Cutts shows you how in this video that was highlighted in the Google Webmaster Central blog:

Good stuff. I'm still not a videophile though. (My question to Matt: have you been inspired by Whiteboard Friday?)

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01/10/2008 03:09 pm

.htaccess for iis ? LOL.. Its a good vid but of those people site using windows don't get cover in this..

Matt Cutts

01/10/2008 05:09 pm

gabs, what is this IIS of which you speak? ;) Seriously though, I described .htaccess because a lot of people are familiar with it, but you could do similar things on IIS to deny Googlebot. Tamar, I enjoy Whiteboard Friday. In this case, I just happened to be in an office with a whiteboard, so I decided to go for it. But I also used a whiteboard a long time ago in my Googlebot video:

Lisa Barone

01/10/2008 05:24 pm

BFF, you're well aware that Matt's SEO videos more than pre-date Whiteboard Friday. :)

Tamar Weinberg

01/10/2008 07:02 pm

Yes, I know, but there was a lot of whitespace in that post and I needed to say something... :)

No Name

07/27/2009 12:39 am

Hi, i enjoyed your post matt... i have to remove URLs for a client and luckily got your post.

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