Google Search Shares Up to 66% for December

Jan 9, 2008 • 10:37 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

According to Hitwise, Google is up to 66% for its search shares (65.98%) from 65.10% in November. Yahoo had 20.88% of the search share, whereas Microsoft had 7.04% and Ask had 4.14%.

What do forum members say? Of course, no surprise.

"Google's mission is to control the world's information and make it advertising accessible and profitable."

Danny Sullivan has also written up great in-depth look at Google's search popularity rankings at Search Engine Land using comScore, HitWise, Neilsen, and Compete. For the most part, Google has been seeing a complete increase without any stopping.

So when are we expected to see full domination?

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Brian White

01/09/2008 06:15 pm

As presented, the quote looks like it's from Hitwise, but it's from a Webmasterworld post...

Tamar Weinberg

01/09/2008 07:34 pm

Sorry Brian. I typically include forum reaction only in my quotes. Of course that quote is not from Hitwise.


01/09/2008 09:26 pm

These numbers mean there's a lot of room for growth for Google competitors. Particularly Yahoo, MSN, and ASK.

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