Wikia Search Engine to go Public Next Week

Jan 3, 2008 • 8:53 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Engines

In July, Jimmy Wales proposed his ideas about Wikia, an open source search engine. Fast forward 6 months and it's now a reality.

According to reports, Wikia is slated to go live next week.

Perhaps this is because Google Knol was announced last month, according to forum members. In any event, the timing is quite coincidental.

One forum member finds it funny that they are already running Google AdSense on the site.

Another forum member believes that the whole concept of an "open source" search engine is open to abuse. But really, it's a bit premature to say that just yet. Open source is not necessarily a concept which is easily abused.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld and Search Engine Watch Forums.

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01/09/2008 12:40 pm

Just did a search on and found I was presented with server not found error. Looking at the address bar I find the URL is http://http// As you can see there is an extra http:// lookinginto the source of the page I originally visited shows they have javascript with the following:- window.location='http://'+$('q2').value; as you can see they actually have http://http:// hard coded into the javascript.

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