Seven Optimization Approaches Google Killed Last Year

Jan 2, 2008 • 9:25 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Brett over at Copy Brighter wrote a very cool post detailing the 7 SEO techniques that Google smashed in 2007. In the article, he discusses these 7 techniques that Google has rendered obsolete. You'll have to read the article for the specifics, but Brett writes that they are: reciprocal links, the site: -sfkdhfjd command for supplemental results, directory links, open link brokers/networks, using subdomains to own the SERPs, sponsored blog post networks, and 10 blue links (as replaced by universal search).

What's missing from the list? Over at Sphinn, we learn that there's more techniques that Google smashed and other noteworthy changes for 2007:

Kalena Jordan mentions that associating a domain with region/country via Webmaster Tools is a noteworthy change for the year.

Ian noticed that Google resolved the 302 redirect issues and focused on filtering out duplicate content.

What else has changed for us in 2007? Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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Mike Calimbas

01/02/2008 05:55 pm

Best practices and adherence to them are exactly why your standard SMB can't do this stuff on their own.


01/02/2008 06:41 pm

Thanks for the post! As an In House SEO'er it’s great to see posts to point our staff to on changes in Google. With the varying amounts of time and experience our staff has to dedicate to SEO for their site you would not believe how many people still think the keyword meta tag is what they need to be adding!

CVOS man

01/03/2008 12:45 am

None of these are dead, they are just implemented differently. For example, site: -sfkdhfjd command is gone because supplemental results don't exist anymore.

Tamar Weinberg

01/03/2008 01:32 am

CVOS man, then wouldn't you say that Google killed supplemental results? I would. There's an 8th item for the list that Brett didn't quite spell out directly! ;)

Michael Martinez

01/03/2008 06:45 am

CVOS wrote: "For example, site: -sfkdhfjd command is gone because supplemental results don't exist anymore." Wrong on both counts. That particular query never reported reliable information anyway, but the Supplemental Results Index is still very much in place and still being treated very unfairly by Google. Less relevant content from the Main Web Index continues to appear in search results ahead of more relevant content found only in the Supplemental Results Index.

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