Why Would You Buy Nofollow Links?

Dec 24, 2007 • 9:46 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

With the entire ongoing debate about paid links, is there a benefit to buying links with nofollow? Perhaps. What would be your argument to go with nofollow paid links?

For one, you can possibly get traffic from the link even if Google doesn't give it any love. Another thing is that it's good for branding. Furthermore, if you have a paid link, it's an endorsement.

But the bottom line is that many people agree that a paid link can still get traffic. As one person says, she gets a lot of traffic from her nofollow Wikipedia link, so it's proven to be successful.

What are your thoughts on the nofollow debate? Would you still buy nofollow links? Forum discussion continues at

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12/25/2007 06:12 am

3 months before, i would not have bought a no follow link... but now, i buy links from high traffic sites with no follow. End of the Day, whether my Pagerank increases or decreases, i am more concerned with the actual traffic to my site :) one change is, the number of links i buy (nowadays) has reduced a lot. In some cases, as high as 75% :)

Sajal Kayan

12/25/2007 07:52 am

Id gladly buy a paid link on digg in the form of a story... think of the traffic and the clean links which would follow ;-)

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