Are All Googlers Cat Lovers?

Dec 20, 2007 • 10:46 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

So, it seems that only Googlers like their cats. WebmasterWorld members who are not Googlers do not.

Matt Cutts loves his cat:

Matt Cutts and his Cat

AdWordsAdvisor plays devil's advocate in the "I hate cats" thread by stating that he/she (can someone please confirm?!) likes them:

I don't hate cats. In fact, I like them a lot.

Cats are cute in videos where they play with their tails (that video rocks, btw).

But why do people hate cats? Some are innocent victims of cat attacks. Cats will lick themselves all day and all night. Cats are... just interesting.

funny pictures

Forum discussion (yes, really) continues at WebmasterWorld.

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12/20/2007 08:04 pm

Love it when Matt talks about his cats. I think it just makes him even more personable and interesting. I had a chance to chat and share photos of my cats with him at the Pubcon recently. He was great to talk to. Here's my cat btw:


12/21/2007 02:18 am

Yeah i also have my cat photo here.


12/21/2007 04:57 pm

I love cats, but really this is kinda sappy... in fact I juts nominated it for Top 10 Irrelevant search-related posts of 2007! :p

ray ban wayfarer size

08/05/2011 01:56 am

i also love cats, but I've never looked at Googlers this way. :)

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