Will Google AdSense be Impacted by the Dell Lawsuit?

Nov 30, 2007 • 10:04 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

A Washington Post article refers to a recent lawsuit between Dell and a number of domain registrars who are cybersquatting on misspellings of Dell's various domains so that they can profit off PPC ads.

This has been a problem for quite some time. WebmasterWorld members wonder if this suit will impact Google AdSense's domain parking advertising programs.

It could, and some folks hope that it does since they're similar victims and also suffer the typosquatting fate. Forum members hope that Google will be the ones who are held responsible (but don't count on it since Google is huge). As one member puts it:

Google is guilty as charged. They aided and abbetted the whole scam by allowing it to be monetized.

A simple fact: Google could have prevented this whole dirty business by prohibiting ads from being displayed on domains that were less than five days old. A very simple and elegant solution. They, quite frankly, deserve to get fried for their complicity in the whole affair. I am sick and tired of Google and their 'partners' raking it in on my trademarks just because I don't have the resources to play wack-a-mole at $2000.00 per shot.

Go Dell.

This is a good point indeed. Why should domain tasters profit?

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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11/30/2007 03:49 pm

I agree 100% about the sentiments of domain tasting. I am 100% against tasters for 2 reasons. 1) Massive amount of domains are being taken up for no value content 2) Their methods of finding domain names is questionable. Peoples whois searches and domain registration attempts should not be available for someone else to use and profit over. However I do not believe Google should be held liable for thios behaviour. Granted they could (and should) bring in rules to state that domains under x amount of days old cannot have advertising on them. But what would stop the taster using a different company instead?


11/30/2007 06:49 pm

I could not possibly disagree more, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I manage several domain portfolios (though tasting isn't involved in any). I dislike the practice of domain tasting as much as the next guy. But to suggest that somehow Google is responsible for putting a stop to it is a ridiculous position to take. Google does not govern the domain name industry and they are not responsible for protecting the trademarks of the world. If someone else has a typo of your name that is raking in so much traffic that it's actually costing you business, then you can chalk that and the "$2000 per shot" up to your own lack of foresight coupled with the cost of doing business. It's 2007 -- if you're waiting for someone else to cover your rear end for you, and you're going to get burnt.


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