PageRank Goes Down but Google Rankings Aren't Affected

Nov 21, 2007 • 9:02 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

After October's Google PageRank massacre, a lot of sites scrambled in hopes of trying to salvage what they had left. Some stopped paid links altogether. Some stopped advertising. One guy audited his site, where he discovered that 20 of 25 paid sites were negatively impacted by the PageRank drop but Google rankings never changed for his customer.

Interesting, eh?

Actually, some don't find that surprising. Perhaps this was just a wake-up call initially for link buyers. Eventually, the rankings may drop.

Others feel that Google PageRank is overrated, so perhaps it's just not a good measure of comparison.

The general consensus to those afflicted by dropped PageRanks is that nothing has changed. Rankings are still there.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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11/22/2007 01:05 am

I have 3 websites on Today I started getting a message that the sites were non-existent. What does this mean. Are their servers down or am I more or less screwed.


11/22/2007 09:07 am

Paid links is a very grey area that Google needs to address. What are you to do if all of your competitors obtain paid for links but Google does nothing about them? It's double standards at times.

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