Gmail Comes Out with New Version

Nov 1, 2007 • 9:48 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

It isn't quite a 2.0 release as some blogs claim, as there isn't anything substantial besides speed improvements, a new Contacts form, and a different drop down menu for "More Actions," but Gmail has been updated.

If you don't notice anything new, either you have the new version and didn't realize it, or you'll have to check your top right hand corner and click on "Newer Version." (Some people still don't have it yet, though, as I've confirmed.)

New Version of Gmail

Then you can switch back to the Older Version.

The only noticeable differences for me are the drop-down menu (I'm a heavy Labeler, so I use this often) and the speed -- it looks good. I did get an error yesterday where I was prompted to use Gmail in basic HTML (sadly), but overall, the changes look good.

New Version of Gmail: Small Change

Now where is Folders support, guys?

Gmail has also written about these code improvements on the Official Gmail Blog.

Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint Forums.

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11/01/2007 02:26 pm

I'm sure mine has been like that for months.

Lisa Barone

11/01/2007 04:17 pm

I think Susan and I are the only two people left on the planet still stuck with the old Gmail. Google hates us. And yes, you're a total labeler. ;)

Kalloos Roberto

11/05/2007 08:04 am

New version of Gmail starts rolling out.

Koyyapu Santosh1

02/13/2012 01:19 pm

dear sir i request you to new version for activate our gmail account

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