Google Update Not Just Visible, Some Reporting Major Ranking Reductions

Oct 31, 2007 • 7:05 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

There appears to be more reports of issues with Google's Webmaster Tools. The issues are not exactly the same as we reported earlier, but the issue appears to impact the same tool, the Link Reporting tool at Google Webmaster Tools. But is it an error in reporting or part of a new Google update?

Many are reporting that Google is showing zero external links for their site.

We have threads at Google Groups, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld about this topic, plus some random guy gave me a call about this yesterday.

Is it a penalty? Most have seen that zero links are coming up for their site and their PageRank dropped a point or two. The person I spoke with yesterday showed me his site and it appeared plain. It was in a competitive landscape and was not extraordinary, by any benchmark, but it didn't appear penalized to me. Yes, this person's rankings dropped and traffic dropped, and the site's PageRank and link count dropped.

I personally do not see any of this on my sites but there are plenty of reports about this going on, as of a few days ago.

Forum discussion at Google Groups, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

11/01/2007 07:57 pm

My page rank was 4 before this update happened, but I believe I may have been punished by google for excessive reciprocal linking, which I have stopped. I used to be very high under the term miami real estate,but I have been pushed way back for about 2 months or more now, although under the image search, my site is on the first page of most relevant search terms. I requested reinclusion. Any ideas?

Martin Espericueta

11/01/2007 11:10 pm

I noticed it a few days ago. One site went from PR0 to PR4 - and showed 0 links - but now (today) shows 3536 (with page stats). But on another site that went from PR6 to PR5, and shows the external links (as 0)...wait! Seriously, I checked these stats this morning, and again after reading the original post - but now again checking to cut/paste the actual text on webmaster tools, the site shows a more typical 3020 - with page stats. They were NOT there this morning or even 5 minutes ago... Must be a glitch in the Matrix? Martin now shows 0 external links

Martin Espericueta

11/01/2007 11:13 pm

Sorry - posting system must of glitched ("now shows 0 external links" - should not be there :)

Frank Woolf

11/01/2007 11:28 pm

My main site ( home page has been at 4 and other main sections at 3 for months. For the last couple of weeks they have been dropping, going back up, dropping again and now seem to have stopped at 2 and 1 respectively. As far as I see the content of the home page and other pages is continuously changing but otherwise the site has not changed.


11/02/2007 05:39 am

Someone needs to start a massive class-action lawsuit against these a-holes at G for their satan-spawned PR. It's done nothing but ruin the internet and millions of site owners. When your PR drops too low, your pages will get dumped into their (another satan-spawned) supplemental index where they'll never show for searches--hence the reduction in visitors. They are attempting, and succeeding, at ruining small business and small websites, along with countless millions of site owners and small businesses.

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