USA Today Profiles AdSense Moneymaking "Gray Googlers"

Oct 29, 2007 • 9:11 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

A very interesting USA Today article talks about "gray Googlers," retired folk who are making good money off AdSense. The article, according to forum members, makes getting money from AdSense really easy. But WebmasterWorld members know that it's pretty tough work. In fact, they're also concerned that the article begs people to click on ads so that Google can pay these publishers more money.

It's really not that easy, but it's nice to know that some people can use their expertise to do well.

Any article could make life on the web sound easy if it neglects to mention the challenges of building traffic.

Others find it really fishy in general:

If "building traffic" is key as buckworks points out, then how can someone make $800 the *first* check and $2000 the *second* check as mentioned in the article? This certainly doesn't sound like a site that had time to build traffic.

How much this individual is making per click is the real question for me.

Agreed. How are they doing that? The only thing that would make sense is if they've had a well established website months prior to installing AdSense.

There's a bit of jealousy and awe among the crowd, indeed.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Adrian Lee

10/29/2007 02:42 pm

Was an interesting article, and I too was wondering about how they built traffic that quickly. Does make you wonder :) On the whole I think it's pretty cool though, post your experience on the web, and watch money come in :) I also thought it was interesting that the sites weren't exactly the most highly designed sites ever :) I see so many people trying to make out that they need really slick looking web sites with the 'wow' factor, when these people are making buckets loads of money with thrown together, very amateurish designs.


10/30/2007 01:57 am

Right. That just tells me that the 'gray Googler' has simply lost out on a lot of money by not getting adsense installed earlier.

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