More Inappropriate Nude Images Found on Google News Home Page

Oct 15, 2007 • 8:15 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

There were several reports yesterday of an inappropriate image found on the Google News home page. The image was sourced from an Inside Bay Area article, that talked about a new study on youth STD cases. The image shown on the home page was of an uncircumcised penis.

One Google News user said:

Please take this down. I do not appreciate my 12 year old daughter seeing this while looking for news story's.

An other Google Groups user was very upset with this picture as well. Google News Guide posted an apology and explanation:

As you may know, nude images like yesterday's are against the Google News policy. That said, since we rely on our crawler to objectively choose the headlines and images from news sites across the web, this kind of content can sneak in from time to time. That's why we're really glad to have watchful users who help us take care of these situations as quickly as possible. I'm sorry for not addressing this in the group earlier, and we openly apologize to all the users who encountered the image. We're working to make the product better and our response time faster -- and in the meantime, you can continue to help out by letting us know when something like this comes up.

Seems like every October a nude image ends up on Google News. Last year we reported that we found Porn on Google News Home Page:


Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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Beanstalk SEO

10/15/2007 05:56 pm

A picture of a male penis (yes, as opposed to the female counterpart) shows up and all heck breaks loose. Show a severed head or the charred remains of a bomb victim and we're all good, I wouldn't even have seen a Sphinn about it. What outrages you? ;)

Dominic Lachance

10/15/2007 06:27 pm

I think that to be fair to all the Adsense account owners that got their account disabled for similar mistakes, they should disable their own Adsense account for violating their own TOS! But dont wait for that, it will never happen, I was just dreaming out loud... Dominic


03/13/2008 12:32 pm

keep my email id in yr file fr informing details, jone1944

No Name

04/24/2008 04:50 pm

Thats the way it goes when you're the beggar. You can never choose much less dictate

No Name

04/24/2008 04:52 pm

They should be discerning on what to post or not. Crawlers or not, this should have never have happened.

No Name

04/24/2008 04:57 pm

Id understand the sentiments of the parents... and what a way to ask for help. Are you paying them to keep watch on something that YOUR people should've been looking out for?

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