Use Google Trends to Get Ideas for the Holiday Season

Oct 11, 2007 • 9:36 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A smart WebmasterWorld member has offered sound advice for the holiday season: don't worry about fewer visitors but prepare by checking Google Trends:

For the majority of my websites (consumer electronics)this is a quiet time of year - visitors drop off, revenue goes down, and it can be too easy to think it's something to do with penalties, algo changes or other things out of my direct control.

So what I do is punch in my most historically important key-words and phrases to Google trends and look at what has been happening over the last few years.

He adds that you can use these trends to build related content to get visitors. It's great advice.

Do you use Google Trends and find it reliable for optimization?

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David Payne

10/11/2007 04:11 pm

I do use Google Trends. Mainly for just the large keywords. For example are more people searching for LCD TV or LCD Television and then I build my site content around the one I am trying to rank well on (sometimes it's the smaller one and other times it's the larger). I have found it to be useful for these high volume search phrases. On a related note, will someone please convince Google to launch an Alexa-like service. It is desperately needed as Alexa is becoming less and less reliable. ;-)


10/11/2007 09:41 pm

Google Trends is Awesome! This is great advice.. Thanks

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