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Who knew something as simple as a link in a footer giving credit to the web site designer could set off such a controversy, but that's exactly what happened in Adding Links To Sites You Designed Right or Wrong?.

In this Cre8asiteforums thread, the majority of web site designers see nothing wrong with wanting a link to their web site placed on the web site they designed and/or built. Some view this as a courtesy. Some put it into their contract. In general, it's been a practice we've seen for years.

However, someone in this thread steadfastly looks at this link as an SEO trick to get link juice and recommends that if credit is given, that it not be in the form of a link or if so, add the "no follow" tag so it passes no PR.

Battle lines were drawn. Interesting points were raised. This issue must have been one of those "I always wondered about that" questions. What happens if everybody wants credit?

Garrick writes,


Copyright © Company XYZ. All rights reserved. Website Design by Joe Graphics by Ken HTML by Betty CSS by Larry Logo by Fred Database design by Harvey Programming by Anne Javascript by Karen Rollovers by Uncle Fred Dropdown Menus by Maurice Color Scheme by Wendy Copyrighting by Irma Server administration by Chuck Photos by Janine Graphic optimization by Julia Shopping cart by Shopping Carts r US Gateway services by Versign Credit card processing by Harry and Sons

Where does it stop? There are lots of people one could hire to help build a site, who have worked equally hard to help make the site what it is."

For the record, I only come here and play when Barry and Tamar are away on holiday and can't yell at me for my silly posts. The site design and all the credit for this place is totally theirs.

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Michael Martinez

09/27/2007 06:04 pm

That's what "Credits" pages are for. There is nothing wrong with a Web developer/designer asking for a link from a client site. It's a long-standing practice and the SEO community has neither the authority nor the prerogative (or the wit) to campaign against the practice. If people are asking for those links for the sake of getting internal PageRank or link anchor text, that's their business. If clients are linking out using Javascript or "rel='nofollow'" then at least the designers still get some much-needed visibility. The Web doesn't need a bunch of SEO Net Nannies running around tattling on everyone and poo-pooing perfectly reasonable and natural self-promotional methods.

Eric Itzkowitz

09/27/2007 09:20 pm

WHOA! A site owner can do whatever the heck they want to do--it's their site. If they want to link to a site that details, very specifically how to make a Shirley Freakn' Temple, then so-be-it. Why do you even care?

Jaan Kanellis

09/27/2007 09:57 pm

I am getting so tired of this link policing by every single person online.

Joe O'Brien

09/28/2007 02:11 am

I can think of at least one Australian SEO company that whores out their client websites by inserting up to 7 or 8 footer links back to their own pages. They insist on at least one sitewide backlink in the contract but will go the whole hog unless you pipe up. One link I can understand but when half the links on each page are outbound, I fail to see how that's meant to help the client. When questioned about this practice they replied that "removing these links may affect your ranking". No kidding...

No Name

09/28/2007 08:12 am

I dont think that this is a abd idea. If the developer's site have a link to the clients site, then it would be better. Just like back linking. PEACE ...

No Name

09/28/2007 06:32 pm

This just came up in another forum and I think I now know how the discussion came up. But nevertheless, what it comes down to is ethics and whether the folks who build the site should let the site owner know that they have put a link down in the footer. Do they ask? Do they assume? Does the owner care? They might, if they knew what link juice was? Perhaps some type of reciprocal arrangment should be in place?

David Eaves

09/28/2007 07:04 pm

I agree with you Joe, one link is O.K. but having something link, Search engine optimisation, online marketing and web design by company ltd and having 4 separate links going back to the different pages is just taking it too far, draining all of the clients PR and usually not doing the design any favors, there are a couple of UK SEO companies who do this to. I will only ever ask for a link back when I have pretty much finished the job and the client is happy (sometimes they are O.K. sometimes they are not, all of my clients understand the benefits), it wouldn't look good if I had my signature on a site that was not ranking well.

Abhishek Rungta

09/29/2007 07:14 pm

A client website linking to the designer website in form of "credit" is entirely a private matter between the site owner and the designer. In fact credits are been given on artistic / creative end products since ages. One link to the site of the designer should be enough with anchor text as the name of the designer or the design firm (not some keywords to confuse a website visitor). If there are multiple credits, I feel a credit page should be created and the site design should not be cluttered. It will continue to give SEO benefits to the designer, but come on - he has earned it!


03/17/2009 11:50 pm

They insist on at least one sitewide backlink in the contract but will go the whole hog unless you pipe up.

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