Google Audio Ads Reviewed by Early Adopter

Sep 28, 2007 • 8:37 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

One of Google's first audio advertisers has written up a great in-depth review of the service on DigitalPoint Forums. A few takeaways:

  • There is no way to delete or remove campaigns, only stop or pause them. This creates a tad bit of confusion when looking at the collective budget because it includes ALL campaigns, even ones you stopped.
  • It still appears to be a beta product. Some of the navigation is still ambiguous.
  • Creating an ad is simple. You can upload an MP3 or have one done professionally.
  • Custom jingles, multiple voices, and sound effects can add to the cost.
  • Currently, there's no easy way to request quotes from companies that display offerings on multiple pages. This appears to be a bug.
  • Price range for most ads $300-400
  • You can choose demographics to tailor your ad to.
  • Caution: The cheapest audio ads will almost certainly play on AM stations.
  • The approval process for audio ads takes a few days.
  • So far: no conversions for this advertiser, but he may try again.

This is definitely a lot to digest, so if you want to read the whole review, navigate to DigitalPoint Forums.

This post was composed on September 25 and was scheduled for publication on September 28.

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Bob McPherson

09/28/2007 05:36 pm

Audio ads... what a great idea. Annoy the hell out of your visitors with unsolicited sound. Users are used to having to nav through ads, but very rarely do they have to put up with unwanted sound. The visual/audible of those annoying faces that say "hey! hey! look over here! im totally lame!" come to mind.


09/28/2007 05:57 pm

umm.. they play on the radio, not websites. That's usually wanted sound.

No Name

10/01/2007 12:43 pm

We think that visitors should have a choice, whether they want sound or just text and images. Google is obviously trying to capitalise on everything, because they have the edge...Control.........?

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